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2020–11–30: Improved ANX7688 driver and increased I2C speed

I've looked again at the mud stained hair ball that is ANX7688 firmware and extended my driver to better work with the USB-C docks when the docks are powered. The driver now works better also with other USB-PD enabled devices.

The changes mostly relate to making sure Pinephone will not overload a PD charger or a dock when powered from said dock. USB-C, USB-PD, and BC 1.2 specs specify various methods for determining the the current that can be used by the device, and it's quite complicated to put it all together reliably.

The approach the driver takes now is to wait for 3s after the cable is plugged in, and if no power source announces itself via a PD message, it will fallback to determining the maximum input current from the resistors connected to the CC pins. If the power source announces itself via PD message, the driver will wait 0.5s after the ANX7688 FW forwards the announcement and ramps up the input current limit to the one hopefully negotiated with the power source by the ANX7688 firmware.

After quite some testing, this approach seems to work for most of the USB-C devices and their combinations that I have at home, except for:

Most of the new patches are available here

I've also bumped the I2C bus speed to 400kHz, which should make communication with I2C devices faster. This may be noticeable when using the touchscreen (~4ms shorter input latency).

One last thing I've changed was configuring PMIC via p-boot to limit power consumption, so that VBUS voltage never drops below 4.5V. This does away with USB-PD hard resets I've seen when using my USB-PD 5V/3A charger with Pinephone. USB-PD controllers probably do some VBUS voltage monitoring (ANX7688 does for sure), and try to recover when VBUS drops bellow certain threshold.

The patch is in p-boot for now:

With this I could charge my Pinephone from USB-C PD charger without a single hard reset. Previously there were many.