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2020–10–29: New p-boot features – reboot to FEL/eMMC, 60FPS fix

The most common request I get for p-boot is to make it possible to skip the boot from SD card and boot from eMMC.

I decided to implement this along with an option to reboot to FEL, and it works now. :)

I'll make a new p-boot release soon.

I've also finally found the fix for the PinePhone LCD panel issue where the panel was running at wrong refresh rate of 36.6Hz. With the fix, it run at expected 60Hz.

With panel running at 60Hz watching 30 or 60 FPS video should be possible without annoying stuttering, that was there previously.

I've made the fix for this available both in p-boot and in my kernel.

I've also implemented HW accelerated scaling in p-boot, that allows to do flashy animations, and use of smaller than full-res textures.

With all these new features available, it's probably time to look at making a new release of my multi-boot image. It will be interesting to see how smooth things are at 60 FPS. :)