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2020–09–16: PineBook Pro and Levinboot again

Crystalgamma released Levinboot 0.7.2 yesterday so I decided to update, and try to make my Pinbook Pro boot times even faster. With his help I found that I accidentally disabled optimizations in my build and that was the reason for 4s decompression times for my kernel/initrd payload, and some stack overflows in levinboot's decompression code.

Unoptimized code turns out to be really slow. What a surprise.

I switched to lz4, enabled -O3, and now levinboot decompression and load times changed from 4s to 600ms. Significantly better! :)

With the latest levinboot my Pinebook Pro Arch Linux setup lets me to enter LUKS password in 4s since I start pressing the power button: