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2020–10–31: New p-boot released, new pre-built/updated kernels

New p-boot is released. It has the 60 FPS fix as mentioned previously.

It also has some usability improvements (it shows battery status in the footer and information about where the p-boot was booted from and from where it loaded the boot filesystem as these can mix and match quite a bit). It will also report if the battery is being charged or not.

When the phone is off and you insert the charger, this will normally lead to powering up the phone. It's not avoidable. p-boot will detect this situation and force the display of the menu followed by a regular 10s poweroff timeout, regardless of any default boot option setting. This makes it easy to connect a turned off phone to a charger without booting the OS.

If you run my multi-boot SD card image, you can update it with the new p-boot to get a reboot to eMMC feature, so that you don't have to remove the SD card to boot to your normal eMMC OS, that came with the phone.

New kernel releases

I've pulled in Martijn's front camera auto-focus support into my kernel branches – both 5.10 and 5.9. I've also added the 60 FPS fixes to both, too.

Release notes/NEWS are part of the new tags I'll be making from now on in my git repos each time there's a new kernel release/update from me:

Updating p-boot

You can find some notes on how to update multi-distro's p-boot on pine64 forum: