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2024–02–17: New U-Boot build for Pinephone Pro

Now that my U-Boot and rk2aw is getting shipped with Pinephone Pro, I guess, people are hitting one particular issue, and that's lack of EFI support in my original build. My thinking then was: I don't use it, I don't like it, it slows things down, bloats build up, and breaks OSes that rely on DTB shipped with firmware ⇒ disable it and deal with it later.

Now is the „later“. :)

I've moved to U-Boot version 2024.04-rc and added proper support for displaying EFI entries in boot menu in user friendly way. Now it's possible to use my U-Boot build to boot pmOS, Mobian, and other OSes that rely on EFI, and provide their own DTB for their kernel.

You can find the new build here:

See for how it works when flashed to SPI, with several OSes installed to eMMC and a SD card with pmOS inserted.

Both foss and rkbin builds are available as usual.

One extra feature is now available. You can now access inserted uSD card over USB, too. Not just eMMC like in the previous build.