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2020–09–11: PinePhone multi-boot image deduplication tool complete

Since the last post, I was able to create the deduplicating tarball extractor tool exactly as I described it, and everything seems to work as expected.

The image size after compression shrank from 5.8 GiB to 5.2 GiB. :)

Now I have to figure out how to build a few different postmarket OS rootfs variants, to give this shiny new tool a real stress test.

I'm pretty sure I can add maybe 3 postmarket OS mobile UI variants without increasing the image size significantly. After all, the image already contains sxmo, which is based on pmOS, so most of the base data is already in the image.

Then, I'll implement p-boot DTB auto-selection, and the image will be ready to enter beta state.

New kernels

I've released new 5.9 kernels with a few more new tweaks: