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2021–10–18: Pinephone Pro – support merged into my kernel tree

I've integrated initial support for Pinephone Pro, that was previously done by Martijn Braam and Kamil Trzciński (ayufan) into my kernel tree, and spent yesterday looking at various issues that I've found with that kernel tree and fixing them.

I've fixed some of the most annoying issues, some of them with the help of carlos from #pinedev IRC chat:

After all these fixes I've made more suspend/resume tests, and it seems that it all works much better now. Pinephone Pro now idles at ~1.7 W, which is very close to what kernel can achieve by suspending all devices it has under control currently (s2idle). With suspend to RAM, it can get as low as 400 mW.

Next time it will be useful to figure out how to reliably power down and reset the phone, because that's not working great at the moment either.

It will be also interesting to figure out how to achieve 160 mW in suspend to RAM that the Android factory image seems to be capable of, from my previous measurements.

Pinephone Pro code is now integrated into my kernel in two branches: ppp-dt and ppp-drivers. I squashed all the original DT code and split the driver code from device tree changes and started building on top. I've excluded Type-C related changes, for now, because they are not documented well and I don't trust that they don't break non pinephone kernel builds.

I've also switched to 5 Ghz wifi (40MHz channel) and Pinephone Pro's seems to be able to achieve 15 MiB/s with that, which is a nice upgrade over original Pinephone.

More to come…