PinePhone multi-distro demo image

Here you can find a multi-boot uSD card image containing 13 different Pinephone distributions. The purpose of this image is for users to easily try current major (and some minor) Pinephone Linux distributions, without having to figure out how to flash them individually and juggle with many uSD cards.

Key points:

Some development history and technical details can be found on my blog.


Distributions add weird hacks to their kernels to work around issues with some camera apps they use. This is not the right way to fix issues with inadequate camera apps and therefore these apps don't work in this multi-boot image, because my kernel doesn't have these hacks.

I tried to make my kernel compatible with most distributions, but most distributions don't update the kernel often enough and run outdated and unsupported kernels, so there may be some subtle compatibility issues. Some things may work better, some things may break.


The image is distributed as a torrent due to its size. Install some torrent software (suggestions: transmission, qBittorrent) and click the previous link to start the download. Don't forget to let the torrent client run even after the download finishes so that other people can get the image too.

Thanks to sundog, the image is also available at: as a regular download.


Installation consists of decompressing image data (gzipped) and putting it to the SD card. Use zcat or dd, or some end-user software like USBImager or Etcher (this one will probably violate your privacy) for that.

It's suggested to verify the image was written correctly immediately after flashing by running dd if=/dev/sdcarddevice bs=1M count=7500 | md5sum. MD5 sum must be aa5bb5fc44bc129b39e99d395e35b8b4. If your OS auto-mounts new filesystems, make sure it does not do it for the SD card image, otherwise the hash may change, and this verification method will be unreliable.

Optionally (strongly encouraged step) you can also stretch the OS partition to fit your entire uSD card, otherwise the free space inside the filesystem will be limited to about 1.5 GiB, which is not enough for OS updates and/or longer term use of this image. If you run out of space, all included distributions may become unstable.

Partition stretching instructions are on this page.


All passwords were changed to 1111 where possible. PureOS password is 123456. Root passwords are 1111. sxmo login/password is mo/1111.

Support the project

p-boot demo is free and opensource software released under GPLv3. It is an independent personal project not backed by any comapny or commercial interests. You can contribute by writing code, helping improve documentation, spreading the word, and/or by donating.

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Bugs and support

Please report bugs via email:


Project status: p-boot-demo is maintained and actively developed by the original author.

GIT repository with build scripts is available at:

It's not an end-user code, but the scripts are simple enough to understand and adapt for the adept Linux users.