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TBS A711 Tablet

Features overview:

My work on TBS A711

My work is logged here: https://xnux.eu/tablet-hacking/

Feature/driver support matrix

Feature Status Notes
User interface input
Volume buttons works
Accelerometer works as IIO device
Front Camera – GC2045 wip
Back Camera – HM5065 works / OOT but overheats
Fingerprint untested missing/binary only userspace driver, fprintd-enroll does not register finger
User interface output
Audio works / OOT fully working driver
Power LED works / OOT via a LED class driver
Vibration motor works (as EV_FF input device)
Wireless connectivity
WiFi works
GSM Modem works except for i2s audio
GSM Modem Data works pppd works
Bluetooth works except for i2s audio
GPS works /dev/gnss0
NFC works with neard
Wired connectivity
USB-OTG Host works / OOT
USB-OTG Device works / OOT
Power/thermal management
CPU hotplug works
System suspend wip suspend works, except that crust doesn't do any deep sleep tasks
Thermal regulation works
Battery/USB power works needs good power supply (2A+, tablet takes 700mA + another 1A for charging)
Other (internal SoC features, etc.)
CSI Camera Interface works OOT multi-camera support ready/tested
DE2 Rotation Engine works / OOT Works with a demo app (for camera frames rotation for preview)
Video Decoding/En­coding H.264 untested