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Pinephone multi distro demo image

I've prepared a multi-boot image for people who want to easily try as many disitrbutions as possible.

Video: https://megous.com/…p/multi2.mp4 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?…

Some history and details are on my blog: https://xnux.eu/log/

The image is 5.8 GiB compressed and fits on an 8GiB uSD card after decompression.

It's big so it's distri­buted as torrent only: https://megous.com/…e540.torrent (seed if you can)

The image contains:

root and other user passwords are 1111, except for PureOS, where it's 123456 by default.

It runs my kernel, so stuff where the distros made kernel hacks to make things work (like fixing camera resolutions, etc.) don't work. There may be some audio issues too, on distros that normally use very old kernel, like 5.5 or 5.6.

Some things may or may not work better. All distros run the latest crust version, and use my modem driver. All distros should be bootable on 3GiB pinephones, thanks to sharing the same kernel/latest bootloader.

Here are my build scripts: https://megous.com/…-multi-boot/ (not an end-user stuff, but simple enough to understand and adapt/recover manually if something fails) But it's probably too soon for anyone else to use the scripts other than me.

The filesystem is tight, with just 500MiB of free space, so if you have bigger SD card, you can resize the second partition, and the btrfs filesystem with normal Linux tools, prior to using the image, otherwise you'll eventually run out of space and things start failing. Guide on how to do it is at https://xnux.eu/log/#010